Corns & Calluses

Pesky corns and calluses are often disproportionate in the amount of pain they can cause.  Often ignored and thought to be normal, pressure lesions like corns and callouses can actually be quite debilitating. Calluses and corns are actually caused by excessive force or friction in an area which can be an indicator of more complex … Continue reading Corns & Calluses



Warts (sometimes referred to as Verruca) are small lumps of skin that occur when a break in the skin is infected with the human papilloma virus.  Most warts will go away on their own within in 2-3 years.   However, if the wart is on a weight bearing surface on the underside of your foot … Continue reading Warts

The importance of correctly fitted shoes

Our footwear provides many functions for our day to day life. We use them for protection from the elements and environmental hazards, cushioning and shock absorbing, playing sports and of course, looking good! However, poorly fitted or inappropriate shoes can cause many issues for your feet including: – Toe deformities, including bunions and hammer/claw toes … Continue reading The importance of correctly fitted shoes