The truth about Athletes Foot

Athlete’s Foot, clinically referred to as Tinea Pedis, is a skin infection of the feet caused by exposure to fungal dermatophyte spores. Athlete’s Foot mainly affects the soles of the feet and the inter-digital spaces, however, once acquired it can spread to other sites such as the nails. It is a common infection with an … Continue reading The truth about Athletes Foot


How to manage tired work feet

If you work on your feet all day, chances are you’ve finished the day with sore feet, an achy back, or just generally feeling a bit stiff. For many of us standing all day for work is non-negotiable, for tradespeople, medical professionals and nurses to retail and hospitality workers weight bearing activity comes with the … Continue reading How to manage tired work feet

Orthotic Friendly Shoes

From lace-ups to brogues, boots to loafers, FRANKiE4 Footwear offers the perfect blend of style & comfort for those needing extra supportive footwear, or those needing to swap out the functional footbed to fit their own orthotic. On-trend looks combined with cushioning to cocoon the whole foot, FRANKiE4’s range of orthotic friendly styles suit anyone … Continue reading Orthotic Friendly Shoes

Achilles Tendinopathy

Achilles tendinopathy is a blanket term that covers a variety of pathologies involving the Achilles tendon and its surrounding sheath. Achilles tendinopathies vary greatly in severity and the amount of impairment caused.  They also affect individuals from all walks of life, young athletes with acute injuries to ageing individuals with degenerative changes to their tendons. … Continue reading Achilles Tendinopathy