With winter well and truly here, you may have started thinking about how you’re going to keep yourself warm, this means preparing your winter outfits, including your shoes. Due to the cooler, drier weather and the tendency to gravitate to enclosed shoes, there are a few important tips you should consider to keep your feet healthy this winter.

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Enclosed shoes are generally the go-to in winter to keep your feet warm, they can also help to keep moisture out and prevent dry skin. Depending on how cold it is, you may need an insulated shoe or boot for freezing temperatures, or for cool weather just a simple lace-up to offer some more coverage.


HIRES-FRANKiE4-aw18-flatlays-4591.jpgIf you’re going to wear an enclosed shoe or boot it’s important to check that the shape of the shoe suits your feet and fits well, shoes which are too tight in the width, length, depth or have an overly tapered toe box can cause discomfort, bruised and thickened nails, blisters and even lead to deformities of the feet such as bunions and hammer toes. Remember to try shoes on with the socks you intend on wearing too, just to ensure you feel good in them.

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It’s important to know that when wearing enclosed shoes, more moisture and sweat is trapped against the foot and between the toes which is a perfect environment for fungal nail and foot infections. Wearing clean socks daily and drying your feet between your toes before putting them into shoes can help prevent this. If you’re prone to these infections an anti-fungal spray in your shoes can offer some protection. For those of you who like to wear slippers around the home, treat them like a shoe and also wear socks in these to prevent fungal infections.


If you suffer from dry skin normally this can often get worse in winter. Applying a moisturiser daily is important, especially to avoid skin cracking and peeling which is a portal for infection. For very hard skin (callous, corns) you may need to use an area based cream to soften and prevent cracking and splitting.


If you suffer from persistent cold, burning or sore feet, or symptoms such as skin dryness, itching, redness and blistering, a trip to the podiatrist will lead you in the right direction. Occasionally an underlying medical condition can cause persistent symptoms which worsen in cold weather i.e.  Poor circulation, chilblains and Raynaud’s phenomenon, these may need to be investigated further with referral to a specialist. Our podiatrists are here to help. 

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