If you work on your feet all day, chances are you’ve finished the day with sore feet, an achy back, or just generally feeling a bit stiff. For many of us standing all day for work is non-negotiable, for tradespeople, medical professionals and nurses to retail and hospitality workers weight bearing activity comes with the territory.

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However, those end of the day niggles can have an accumulative effect and lead to pain and injury. As podiatrists we assess and treat these injuries in our patients on a daily basis, but prevention is key and our main weapon is footwear.


In terms of footwear there are a few key points to consider if you are working on your feet or if you are in pain:

  • The type of footwear: do you need a safety toe cap, non-slip sole, puncture proof, etc
  • Support: an all-day-wear shoe should have heel-toe height different between 10 and 45mm, does the sole have anti-pronatory reinforcing, is there a heel counter
  • Cushioning: is the cushioning where it is needed, are the materials slow-release and resilient. Problems can occur when people just go for the softest feeling shoe, these often fatigue poorly through the day and can become very unstable.


At All Podiatry & The Shoe Co. we stock FRANKiE4 Footwear, the brainchild of Podiatrist and Physiotherapist, turned footwear designer, Caroline McCulloch. She is on a mission to provide women with the ultimate foot supporting benefits, packed into styles they feel confident wearing.

WEB-FRANKiE4-aw18-street style-4754

FRANKiE4 is a great option for those workers looking for a casual shoe that offers the cushioning and support they need to tackle any working day.


Sometimes shoes cannot offer enough support to facilitate a more efficient foot posture and relieved strain. It is in these situations where it is best to see a podiatrist, if necessary the podiatrist may prescribe orthotics, stretching and strengthening, and postural exercises.

Book an appointment today:

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