Your feet may not be the first thing on your mind when you’re planning that holiday you’ve been longing for, but they sure can put you a step back if you forget about them. Whether you want to prevent foot problems on that special trip, or get on top of your current niggles before you go away, here are a few tips for you.


  • If you’ve got new shoes, make sure they are fitted properly and try to wear them in prior to leaving to prevent problems like discomfort and blistering.
  • For long periods of walking you’ll likely need a supportive walking shoe such as a jogger or active flat
  • Before you leave don’t forget to condition yourself physically for the type of activities you’ll be doing (if you’re planning a walking holiday, try to get as much in before you go so that fatigue doesn’t ruin your trip!)


Think about the shoes you’re going to take with you and their suitability for the climate and activities you’ll be using them for. If you’re doing a lot of walking on off-road surfaces you might need a trail shoe to keep you stable, or if it’s going to be very wet, a water resistant shoe may be appropriate. For hot climates, shoes which are breathable and adjustable can help with hot feet, blistering and accommodate some swelling. For very cold climates you may need a warmer insulated shoe or boot.


Don’t forget about your socks! If they are made from breathable and sweat wicking materials this will help to prevent blisters i.e. anti-blister socks. For those colder climates, a thicker sock made from materials such as wool will help to keep your feet warm.



If you are going to be sitting for long periods i.e. on an flight, bus, or train, you’ll want to be getting up regularly if you’re able to, about every 30 minutes is ideal to aid with circulation. Adjustable shoes or slides are helpful to accommodate potential foot swelling which is not uncommon on aeroplane travel, or if you are prone to bad swelling you might consider compression stockings. FRANKiE4 Footwear’s custom fit pack is a great way to accommodate foot swelling, with different sized footbeds available for different foot widths.


If you’ve got pain or niggles before you travel it’s a good idea to get on top of them sooner rather than later. If you need some advice for your feet, a short trip to the podiatrist should be the first one you take. Or, if you just need some supportive shoes for your travels, pop into one of our stores to experience our professional fitting service. 

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