At All Podiatry & The Shoe Co. our digital gait analysis technology allows us to take a specialised approach to examining your foot and lower limb alignment, whether it be for assessment, a guide for treatment plans for our patients, or to make recommendations on running shoes for an individual.


For customers seeking running or walking shoes, our treadmills with video gait analysis enable us to better recommend the right style of shoe for your foot type. Our trained staff can use this technology to capture and compare your foot alignment in different types of shoe styles and support levels. For example if your feet tend to “roll in” or “over-pronate” we may recommend “anti-pronation” shoes, we may also compare different levels of support to determine which best suits your foot type.


For patients in need of a more comprehensive gait assessment, our podiatrists will use our integrated pressure plate treadmill and video gait analysis software as part of a biomechanical consultation. Using this equipment we can better understand the distribution of pressure under your foot throughout the different phases of the gait cycle, as well as the symmetry and alignment of your lower limb.


The technology allows us to assess and guide treatment for many conditions, ranging from overuse or sport related injuries (i.e. tendonitis, sesamoiditis, stress fractures) to assessing high pressure areas which may impact on, for example, diabetic ulcers, wounds, blisters or callous.

So whether you’re after a personal fitting experience for your running shoes, or you need a more comprehensive foot and lower limb assessment, we’ve got the tools for the job.

Contact one of our stores today for an appointment with one of our podiatrists, or pop in if you’re after a professional fitting into a new pair of runners.

Indooroopilly – 260 Moggill Rd, Ph: 3378 4255
Windsor – 110 Maygar St, Ph: 3357 5222


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