The festive season is upon us, it’s time for Christmas Parties and end of year celebrations. Good times can however mean hard times for your feet. Sandals and high heels can lead to a plethora of foot problems, so we have a few tips to avoid pain and problems.

First of all, sandal and strappy shoe wearing can contribute to dry and cracked heels. The best way to combat this is to regularly apply an emollient cream, such as a heel balm or sorbelene. It will also help to buff rough areas with a pumice stone or foot file, occasionally. However, if there are areas of callus or cracks it is often best to visit a podiatrist. Our podiatrists can help to reduce the callus, and tidy the skin around the cracks to ease discomfort.


Sandal season also means toes are on display and it can be nice to have nails painted. Although nail polish can make nails look pretty, it can also lead to nail problems such as ingrown nails, splitting and in some cases worsen fungal infections. All podiatrists will tell you ‘you really shouldn’t paint your nails’, however if you must then it is best avoid leaving polish on for more than a few days at a time. It is also best to leave the nails clean for a period, and where possible avoid polishes with harsh chemical ingredients. We stock FRANKiE4 nail polish which is cruelty free and free of 7 harmful chemicals, for more information visit:

FRANKiE4 nail polish is a healthier alternative to other nail polish brands

For certain events we like to wear out fancy shoes, but these can often be pretty hard on the feet. In particular, high heels can cause joint stress, tendon and ligament strain, blisters, corns and calluses if worn too often or if standing in them for long periods. To avoid the problems it is best to:

–          Try to keep high heel wearing to a minimum

–          Opt for a shoe with a stable heel, straps to hold the foot securely, and cushioning

–          Try to put on another pair of supportive shoes once you take off your high heels, it can also help to keep this in mind for the next day – pop on your runners or something similar to look after your feet while they recover

–          Think about where you are going to wear your shoes –stilettos and grass are a dangerous mix

FRANKiE4 heels have a built in functional footbed that acts as a more supportive and comfortable option for heel wearers.

Finally, not all thongs and slip on shoes are created equal but they are a necessity when going to the beach and in hot weather. Our podiatrists recommend looking for a pair with a thicker sole under the heel than the toe, arch contouring, and plenty of straps, so that the shoe holds onto the foot at its own accord. This way to feet are not placed in a stress position and the toes do not have to do extra work keep the shoe on the foot. Too much thong wearing can lead to injuries such as stress fractures, heel pain and tendonitis, and can exacerbate toe deformities.

We stock a wide range of supportive summer slides

If your feet are a feeling a little worse for wear come see our podiatrists, they can provide advice regarding the appropriate shoes for your foot, trim and tidy hard skin and damaged nails, and work with you to manage injuries.

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