Throughout the year your style and outfit choices change to reflect the weather, footwear changing is no exception.

As the weather heats up, we naturally gravitate to a more open style of shoe. With endless choices in colour and style, it is important to choose the most appropriate shoe not only for the occasion, but also for the shoes functionality. There are fundamental principles when it comes to fitting shoes which should always be applied, whether your shopping for a sneaker or a sandal.

20689988_1626985493981242_8604078423100716135_o (1).jpg

Firstly, you should ask yourself; “realistically, can I comfortably wear these all day?” Ideally, sandals should contain a cushioned innersole for comfort and have some degree of arch support to help maintain your arch throughout gait. Also, ensure you look for a shoe that provides a good amount shock-absorption at heel strike. If the shoes are really thin at the base and not much going on on-top of your foot, chances are that you will start to feel the ache quite quickly, which can really impact on your day!

20819460_1632853643394427_2486066087190158628_o (1).jpg

Adjustable or non-adjustable straps will secure you to the foot-bed, provide ankle stability, and allow room for any swelling which may occur through the day.

A sandal should preferably have a cupped heel with enough depth to allow the foot to sit properly down and back into the shoe, also an appropriate amount of length and width. An ill-fitting shoe can contribute to pressure points and discomfort which is why getting a good fit is important.


Podiatrist and Physiotherapist designed FRANKiE4 Footwear encompass these features and more…like elegance and style. With the All Podiatry clinics being home to the FRANKiE4 concept stores you can pop in and be properly fitted by one of our in-store fit professionals (Indooroopilly or Windsor). Not only do they look good, they sell themselves with comfort. They should come with a warning sign, because you’ll be back for more. 


2 thoughts on “Summer sandals and your feet

  1. My feet are so in love with Frankie 4. Thank you All Podiatry for my Happy Feet. Indooroopilly is my ‘Go to’ store! Never disappoints. I’m also trialling their nail polish. I chose Magic – it’s the perfect summer colour for me.


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