Pesky corns and calluses are often disproportionate in the amount of pain they can cause.  Often ignored and thought to be normal, pressure lesions like corns and callouses can actually be quite debilitating.


Calluses and corns are actually caused by excessive force or friction in an area which can be an indicator of more complex physiological or biomechanical foot disorders.  Additionally, poor or ill-fitting footwear can contribute to the formation of corns and callouses.

01-CornPlaster-detail-full copy.jpg

There are many over-the-counter remedies, such as corn paint or plasters available to treat corns and callouses.  However, these generally only treat the symptoms, and never the underlying case of the problem. They can also cause damage the healthy skin in surrounding area and in people with poor circulation or with medical conditions such as diabetes, these can actually be very dangerous.


Seeing a podiatrist is the most effective to relieve pain and symptoms associated with corn and callus.  Podiatrists will gently remove excessive hard skin in a safe and efficient manner.   But they also can assist you in isolating the cause of your corns and callouses and help to prevent them becoming a further problem in the future. This often involves footwear recommendations or padding and orthoses to evenly distribute pressure across the foot.

So if you are having pain associated with corns and callouses come and see a podiatrist so you can get on with your active lifestyle without having to worry about unnecessary foot pain.


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