Warts (sometimes referred to as Verruca) are small lumps of skin that occur when a break in the skin is infected with the human papilloma virus.  Most warts will go away on their own within in 2-3 years.   However, if the wart is on a weight bearing surface on the underside of your foot it is likely to become quite painful well before it goes away.  Also, being caused by a virus there is also the potential to unwittingly spread the virus to other people. wartdiagrram.jpg

Warts can be treated in a variety of ways. There are many over the counter preparations available and also a multitude of old wives tale remedies floating around, although the majority of us are not likely to believe that kissing a frog or sticking a banana peel to our foot is likely to make warts go away. One thing you may not be aware of is that some over the counter preparations can cause burning or damage to surrounding healthy skin, and sometimes also decrease the body’s immune defense causing warts to spread or multiply.wartdiagram2.jpg

A podiatrist has many different types of treatments for warts.  These often include debridement, caustic agents, kerotolytics, cryotherapy, multiple puncture and dissection.  What is important in the treatment of warts is matching the right treatment to the right person or wart.  Aggressive treatment may be warranted in long lasting resilient warts, where as a more gentle approach to treatment may be more appropriate for use in children.

Totally-Feet-Podiatry-and-Laser-Center-14-1024x416 copy.jpg

If you have a troublesome wart, don’t risk spreading it or being in pain. Our podiatrists are able to assist you with the best and most effective treatment to be rid of your wart woes. 

Call up one of our stores today to book in for an assessment.

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