Fungal toe nails are one of the most common causes of discoloured or oddly shaped nails. Treatment is available in a number of ways, with most people opting to try at home solutions. These are often fiddly and rely heavily on the nail not being reinfected whilst waiting for the damaged tissue to grow out. Quite often over the counter solutions are not strong enough and do not always target the specific type of fungus affecting the nail.


In the last 10 years LASER therapy has been used more and more to treat fungal
infections in nailsNail lasers used in podiatry are calibrated to target unhealthy tissue, heating it to the point that the fungal spores die. This is quite a technical process which should only be performed by licensed practitioners, and requires pre-treatment assessment as well as follow up to keep the nail in the best shape possible.

At All Podiatry & The Shoe Co. our podiatrists generally only need to perform the laser therapy as a one-off treatment, after which it can take 6-12 months for the nail to grow out. With an 80% success rate it is much easier for patients than fiddly at home treatments.

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We encourage patients to have their nail assessed by any of our podiatrists, all of whom are trained to identify fungal infections correctly, and licensed to then perform the laser procedure where appropriate. Following the laser treatment we will see patients for a review to ensure the treatment is working as planned, then it is suggested to have regular nail care to keep the nails in their best health while the damaged tissue grows out.naillaser2

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