Diabetes is the major cause of non-traumatic lower limb amputation within Australia, with more than 2600 people losing their legs annually to the disease.

There are two major causes of foot complications for diabetics:

1. Diabetics are at greater risk of peripheral vascular disease, meaning that circulation to the feet is often compromised causing poor wound healing.

2. Peripheral neuropathy, which means that the nerves to the feet are not functioning properly and the sensation to feet is either alerted or absent making it far easier for diabetic’s to physically injure their feet.


If you are a diabetic it is recommended that you have a foot assessment with a podiatrist annually and more frequently if you have a high risk foot.  Most importantly it is crucial that you be aware of your risk status.  Being aware of your current vascular and sensation status allows you to take the appropriate precautions to protect your feet, with the correct advice.


Our podiatrists at All Podiatry & The Shoe Co. can provide you with appropriate education in caring for your diabetic feet.  Interventions vary depending on foot structure and risk level but can include: education on how to check your feet for abnormal lesions, advice on managing skin integrity, treatment of corns and callouses, footwear advice and pressure deflection for high pressure areas. 


So, if you are the owner of a pair of diabetic feet and haven’t had a foot check-up recently or you are experiencing any of the following:

– Unusual sensations in your feet, ankles or calf (eg burning, numbness, pain)

– Corns, callous, blisters (particularly if they have a purple or brown discolouration associated with them)

– Unusually shaped toes (eg hammer toes, clawing of toes)

– Unusual bony prominences or collapsing of foot

– Discolouration of toes (pale, blue, purple, red) especially if this is accompanied by a change in temperature, hot or cold.

 Call up today and book in with one of our experienced podiatrists and we can work as a part of your health care team to make sure your feet receive the best care possible.

Don’t become a statistic, come and see one of our foot specialists at All Podiatry & The Shoe Co. and take control of your diabetic feet.


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