Our footwear provides many functions for our day to day life. We use them for protection from the elements and environmental hazards, cushioning and shock absorbing, playing sports and of course, looking good!

However, poorly fitted or inappropriate shoes can cause many issues for your feet including:

– Toe deformities, including bunions and hammer/claw toes

–  Toe nail problems, such as ingrown toenails

– Corns and callouses

– Musckuloskeletal conditions such as plantar fasciitis, bursiitis, neuromas and tendonosis


Believe it or not, having your shoes fitting correctly can be tricky, so finding a well-trained fitter is essential. At All Podiatry & The Shoe Co. our staff are continuously learning about new styles of footwear, technology within footwear, and in-depth knowledge about the feet to ensure you have the best fit, every time.

shoefitting4.jpgHere are some of our top tips to help you find the perfect shoe!


Don’t assume your shoe size is the same as the last time you bought shoes. Your feet change over time and may become wider/flatter/higher throughout your life. Sizes and shapes will also differ between brands, it is always best to try on shoes before purchasing to ensure the fit is perfect.


Don’t assume a shoe will work for you because it worked for your friend. All feet come in different shapes and mobility will vary, so all ways try them on yourself and walk around in a shoe before purchasing. This tip is also super important for kids, avoid, where possible, passing shoes down from child to child. How one child walks and wears in shoes will be different to another.


Most people will have one foot larger than the other so it’s important to fit your shoes to the larger foot. In at All Podiatry we can utilise different techniques to help fit the smaller foot if necessary, we want both feet feeling perfect.


Choose shoes which reflect the right shape of your foot as much as possible. To avoid pains and problems with your toes, avoid cramming them into shoes that are the opposite shape to your foot! An example, super pointy toed shoes… have a look at your foot, does your foot come to a point?? Didn’t think so, so picture how your foot will look while inside the shoe!


Make sure the shoe is suited to the activity you want to perform in it. Our fitting staff can direct you towards the right shoes for your activity.


On a final note, don’t expect your shoes to last forever! Be realistic about how long you will get out of a pair of shoes. Remember, they hold your entire weight and support your entire body. You need to keep them fresh and strong to ensure they will support you the way they need to, you do this by replacing them frequently.

You also get what you pay for! Really cheap shoes generally won’t give you the technology and support that you will get from a more expensive shoe.

For all fittings and fitting tips, pop in and speak to one of our knowledgeable staff today to find out what kind of shoe is best for you.

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