Ingrown toenails can occur from a number of different causes such as improper cutting technique, poorly fitting footwear, involuted toenail shape and trauma.

ingrowntoenail3There are multiple ways that we can treat ingrown toenails at All Podiatry & The Shoe Co. Conservatively, we can remove the spike or nail edge that is causing discomfort. We will usually recommend at-home care which may include soaking your feet in warm salty water, or correcting your cutting technique (or nail picking habits).

When ingrown toenails become a more chronic problem, a simple nail procedure is a quick and effective way of providing long-term relief.


Our podiatrists are qualified to perform an ingrown toenail procedure to remove the ingrowing part of the toenail permanently. This is performed under local anaesthetic where the impacting portion of the nail is removed and the nail bed is then chemically cauterised to prevent the nail from growing back. This is a procedure podiatrists safely perform on a regular basis for children and adults.

All of our friendly podiatrists will provide a relaxed and calming environment to ensure a comfortable experience (jelly beans included).


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